Frequently Asked Questions

What is Tactical and why do I need it?

Fluid Tactical is an electrolyte replacement mix that helps you hydrate better than anything else. It replaces minerals that are lost in sweat, without excess sugar or any added junk. It is a must have for firefighters, construction workers, solar farms, oil fields, or anyone working hard under heat stress. Designed by professionals from real science, Fluid Tactical is a no-nonsense way of preventing cramps and fighting dehydration during long, hot days on the job.

How did Tactical come to be?

Fluid Sports Nutrition has been making during- and after-exercise drinks for endurance athletes since 2006. After years of success serving our customers, Fluid was approached by a large construction company looking to replace their current “safety” electrolyte vendor. After a quick look, our team was confident we could manufacture a better drink mix that could truly reduce help hydrate their teams, decrease workplace heat injuries, and actually increase productivity. After several round of testing in 2013 & 2014, Fluid Tactical was born.

How much does it cost?

Pricing varies by quantity ordered. All prices are FOB our warehouse & manufacturing facilities in San Luis Obispo and Los Angeles, CA.

How does it compare to Gatorade?

Fluid Tactical is different from Gatorade in several ways:

  1. Tactical includes calcium & magnesium to help prevent muscle cramps
  2. Tactical contains 86% less sugar! Only 4 grams per serving compared to 28 grams
  3. Tactical does not contain artificial coloring dyes or chemically synthesized flavors
Where is it made?

“American Made” is important to us. We are proud to call San Luis Obispo, CA home to our warehouse & office team. Our ingredients are all US sourced and FDA inspected for purity. Our mixing and packaging takes place in a GMP inspected and approved facility in Los Angeles, California.

What is the shelf life?

Tactical is guaranteed to have maximum freshness if consumed within 2 years of packaging. However, if kept in a cool environment out of the sun, Fluid Tactical will stay safe to use for much longer.

If I needed a large order right away how would that work?

Contact Richard Smith at 877-693-5843 ext. 701 or email Please have a credit card ready. Net 30 payment upon credit approval is also available. We will ship your order same-day if ordered before 2pm. You should have your shipment within one week, or sooner if you opt for express shipping.

How does it compare to Sqwincher?

Fluid Tactical is different from Sqwincher in several important ways:

  1. Tactical contains 3x the sodium. Why so much? Because that’s what the average hard working individual loses in 500ml of sweat. From our experience hydrating elite athletes, replacing in balance is the best way to hydrate.
  2. Tactical uses exclusively sodium citrate instead of sodium chloride. Why? Citrate has been shown to absorb more gently on the stomach than chloride, and allows us to increase the total amount of sodium without causing stomach upset. Citrate also helps to buffer acidity and lactic acid in the blood, helping you perform better on tough, high intensity jobs.
  3. Tactical contains added calcium & magnesium to help prevent muscle cramps.
  4. Tactical does not contain artificial coloring dyes or chemically synthesized flavors.